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Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria was born in village Mallu Wala, Dist Best Turban Ferozepur (Punjab) on 26th March, 1989. He did his schooling from Mallu Wala and completed his Graduation from Guru Nanak College, Ferozepur Cantt. His love for turban tying started from the mere age of 11 years when he had just enetered class 6th. The style he choose was one of the prevelent at those times i.e. Pochvi Pagg (Morni). His passion for turban was passed down by his elder brother, Gurmeet Singh Ferozepuria who at that time used to tie a turban and go to school. In his early days of wearing a turban he choose to tie a 5.5m double pagg which now has changed to 8m. The first time he wore a turban that was tied by his elder brother. So when he went to school with his turban on he was appreciated by his fellow classmates and even his school teachers. They all had smiles on their faces when they saw that even a 11 year old child had started wearing a turban to school. This appreciation for Manjeet meant much more which pumped him up to tie a much better turban for the next day to his school and many days to come. With all this inspiration and love Manjeet had a dream to take the SIKH DASTAAR to such a level in the world that every young sikh boy would be seen in a well tied turban. In almost a span of a week’s time he had mastered the art of tying a dastaar.

Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria: The Vibrant and Loving “Turbanator”

Large Blog Image As the days passed by he often use to see pamphlets/posters of turban tying competion in his village and some even in other cities. So he started participating in them. He still remembers the first competition he had participated in the year 2000 where he had stood Third place and the person who stood first joked with him that you could never tie a turban like me and achieve a first place. This very statement hit him very hard on his mind and he pledged to himself that he would prove the world wrong and tie a beaturiful turban which would be appreciated by each and everyone. In the very next competition he again faced the same person who had joked with him but to his suprise he outlasted him and achieved the first position. He was awarded a certificate and trophy which still is a priced possession for him and is arranged with all his achievement.

Post these inter distric turban competititions Manjeet started visiting other states and won many awards their also. Till date he has yet to any such competition.Few years passed by and Manjeet had completed his 10+2 (high school). One day when he had to attend a family function and was tying his turban his mother interrupted and got angry at him and said that, “Better than you were those elderly people who took 5 to 7 minutes to tie a turban while you have already taken 25 minutes and not even finished.” Gathering these thoughts Manjeet got one thing right in his mind that he cannot waste so much time in tying the turban and that he must be ready in about 5 to 7 minutes. So first he mastered the timing aspect and took merely 10 minutes. But he was not satisfied and thought he could do better. So he kept on trying again and again. In about 3 to 4 months time he had practicised so hard that he brought down his timing to about 3 minutes. Manjeet then learnt all the different styles of turban tying like Amritsari,Patiala Shahi & Dumala. Once he had broken the time barrier. he wanted to do something which no one has ever tried i.e. to tie a turban without a mirror. This was also acheived in a few months. Next he wanted to tie turban’s in situations people haven’t thought of such as while walking,riding pillion to a biker/car etc. With hard work and dedication the seeds sown once had borne fruits and that everything was achieved in a certain time frame.

In the year 2007 while Manjeet was graduating from college his one and only hobby that was turban tying was in full swing and he had thought of opening a Dastaar Academy. With support from his family and friends he opened up the same in the city of Bathinda. This academy was open for the youth to learn from Ferozepuria and even if someone was getting married would he visit them and tie their turbans. As few months passed by many ideas came to his mind and one such was to tie a turban blind folded. Many people till date think this is not possible but Manjeet has proved everyone wrong by doing such. Initially he tied his own turban blind folded and later on went on tying others turban with his eyes blinded. One had to see to believe that even blind folded Manjeet not only gave a proper shape to the turban but also each and every “lard” from starting to the end was titch perfect with accuracy. To some people it looked like it was the work of an artesian. With this very moment Manjeet’s confidence grew many folds.

In 2012,at the 3rd World Kabaddi Cup, Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana, Manjeet was invited by the title Sponsor to perform at the closing ceremony. His performance was appreciated by the likes of Prakash & Sukhbir Singh Badal. Later on he was also interviewed by many TV NEWS CHANNEL like PTC,Chardikala Time,CNEV News, Pothimala Halchal, Fast Way News, 7C News, Sahara Canada,Jagoo Punjab,MH1 News,Live Today,Day & Night News Channel. Apart from the on and off interviews, Star Plus called upon Manjeet for a very special performance for their show “Aapka Star Aapka Shahar” which took place in Sector-17, Chandigarh which aired on the television on 29th June, 2014 where Manjeet was successful in tying a persons turban in under a minute (precisely 59 seconds). Folllowing this programme Manjeet had other plans in relation to turban tying, one of which was to tie someone else’s turban blind folded in something as less than 22 seconds. He achieved this feat with gods grace on 5th July, 2014 in Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Patiala. Manjeet’s popularity grew by many folds and he was often invited for judgement at various state and national level turban tying competition all around India(Delhi,Punjab,Haryana,Jammu). Internationally, Manjeet has had the oppurtuntity to visit Malayasia and Singapore where he was called upon by his fans so that they could learn how to tie a turban just like him.

Ferozpuria Dastar Turban pagg Pagri Training Centre Amritsar

About Ferozpuria Dastar Academy

Ferozpuria Dastar Academy’

 As previously mentioned in the events of his life, Manjeet Singh Ferozepuria Dastaar Academy was given birth in April, 2007 while Manjeet was graduating from college. This academy till date stands at the same location i.e. Street 12, Ajit Road (Near Dhillon Hospital), Bathinda (Punjab). People from all states and all ages whether it be Maharashtra, Kolkatta,Srinagar, Panipat, Delhi, United States of America, Canada ,UK etc have had the oppurtunity to come and learn at the Academy the different styles of Pagg. The training being imparted at this very institution is very methodological. In no sense has a shortcut been applied to learn this very art of turban tying. In less than 3 days and as much as 10 days one can learn any style of pagri from Manjeet’s Academy. 2007 to present Manjeet has trained almost over 60,000 people. He’s also been invited by people all around the globe for turban tying at their marriages. With this academy located in Bathinda, Manjeet plans to expand it to other major cities which are easily accessed and can cater to a larger mass of people.

Sardar Manjeet Singh , Ferozpuria turban training centre, is a known name in Amritsar And Bathinda city and we are serving people since 2007. Worked as an Artist in some movies and also tied Turbans to so many famous Pollywood & Bollywood actors and actresses.

we serve our clients at their family functions, marriage parties, song/movie shoots & on other occassions as well too on demand.

There are several styles of Sikh turban worn by people like Niku style (8.3 meters long),

Daljit style (6.5 meters),

Patiala Shahi (7.5 meters),

NRI style (5.5 meters),

American style and African style.

Other famous styles are Morni Dastar, Barnala Dastar, Watta Wali Dastar, Patiala Shahi Dastar, Amritsar Shahi Dastar.

The most famous trend nowadays is Morni Dastar. The Last Larh is given a “V” shape with the help of Turban Pin.

Some turban training centres also provide training in Dumalla style, which is basic attire for all the baptized Sikhs. Nowadays Many Sabat Surat Turban Trainers/Tyers have been a great inspiration for Sabat Surat Sikh Youth and other clean shaven guys to wear Dastar to keep hair back and reject Caps.

Many Turban Trainers launch Turban Training Camps for some weeks in Non-Punjab States like Delhi rarely for those Sikhs who have problem in wearing Turbans of Perfect Style. Turban Training and Turban Tying Centres are mostly opened in many big cities of Punjab like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Patiala, Amritsar and this trend has become quite popular these days among Sikh Youth in Punjab to learn the art of wearing Perfect Turban.

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